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The firefly only emits light when it is in flight – when it is active…

Ensure your existence has a deeper meaning. Give. Share. May the light you shine be visible even in the daylight, despite the Sun’s glare. May it show the way forward for others as well.


Your contribution helps us in undertaking a great endeavor, namely the creation of an international scientific center based in Serbia which will take part in making the world and humanity better.

  • We participate in creating the science of the future. Through conducting bioethical research and projects, we highlight new perspectives of the humane use of biotechnologies.
  • We show the ethical way forward in the development of new technologies.
  • Most importantly today: We are actively involved in the development of ethical principles that ought to guide researchers, policy makers and medical staff during pandemics, in particular the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biotechnologies are developing rapidly and opening up numerous ethical issues. Our aim is to steer them in a morally justified direction by determining what is ethically permissible among what is biotechnologically possible.

Pandemics threaten to become a major hazard for humanity on this planet. We are actively involved in the search for ethically responsible new technologies (including new medication and immunizations) that can fight pandemics, specifically the Covid-19 pandemic.

Democratic states have a particularly delicate task in that context: to make sure that the limitations on freedom are proportional to the threat to public health.Furthermore, when the demand for medical resources exceeds its supply, certain patients ought to be prioritized. Patients have to be subjected to triage. The Center gives recommendations on how to avoid such situations, but also, in case we face them, how to prioritize patients in an ethically responsible manner.

Issues addressed by bioethics include the ethics of medical treatments, immunizations. artificial intelligence, surrogacy, moral and cognitive enhancement, various forms of cloning, reproductive technologies and the use of new technologies in medical treatment…

We achieve our objectives through research, scientific publications, policy documents, by organizing international conferences and by developing and realizing projects. 

Our work depends on the financial support of various types of organizations and individuals: donors, foundations, embassies, international and local institutions, as well as socially responsible individuals.

Themes that are planned to be addressed in our forthcoming projects include:

  1. Issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic
  2. Reproductive health
  3. Education of the youth on types of contraception
  4. Genetic engineering
  5. Regenerative medicine
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Big data
  8. The use of new technologies in transplantation
  9. The attitudes of the population towards cognitive and moral bioenhancement
  10. Ethically acceptable treatment of psychiatric patients in prisons
  11. 10.Questioning the moral judgments of deontologists and utilitarians about moral dilemmas
  12. Processes of (dis)integration in Europe: possible consequences for the development of new technologies

If you recognize the quality of our work and wish to support us, your donation will ensure the sustainability and continuity of the projects we plan to undertake, thereby helping new technologies develop in a morally acceptable direction.

DONATE and become an ETHICAL FIREFLY in the development of new technologies!

Such donor will have a specially designated and visible place in each CSB Newsletter, which donors will receive free of charge.S\ uch a place they will also have online.

Donors may decide themselves whether the amount they donated will be mentioned as well.

In the previous period CSB has received donations from multiple institutions and individuals. Recently, donations exceeding 1000 Euro have been received from Spasoje Sredanović, Džihan Abazović and Uglješa Vrcelj.

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